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Closed circuit of TV (CCTV)

By allocating big experience in the study and installation of CCTV systems Master Electronics has been valorized in the space and by watching the developments it offers what is safe and modern the technology has to demonstrate. You must have on mind that the operation of closed circuits of television is regulated by the directive 1122/2000 that places the conditions for the legal treatment of personal data.

  • CCTV

  • Black and white – Colored & Day/Night steady cameras - Steady and mobile Dome cameras
  • PIR type cameras & cameras accessories
  • PIR type cameras & cameras accessories – IP network cameras – complete lenses line
  • Protection wrapping (Housing) – Pan /Tilt mechanism and Telemetry
  • IR Night Lighting – Antiexplosive Systems
  • Video Signal transferring Systems – Human Detection through Video
  • Video Mux and Matrix systems
  • Digital Recording Systems – Network Function Systems
  • Black and White / Colored and TFT monitors – Management Systems


  • Apartment devices
  • Screens
  • Front Door Boards
  • Digital Systems
  • Front Door unlocking Systems
  • Power supplies – Components

Closed Cirquits of TV(CCTV)